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To drive ROI from your marketing, you need both client and market intelligence…and that only comes from data analytics driven by an MCIF/CRM system or a skilled team of marketing professionals. Explore our range of solutions that are customized to fit the specific marketing needs of your financial institution. From the savviest to the busiest, MARQUIS has a solution for you.


Our software is designed exclusively for financial institutions. It’s easy to implement and powerful enough to handle the most sophisticated marketing department. Learn More
Get all the benefits of MCIF data analytics, without doing the work yourself. MARQUIS has two ways for you to leveraging the power of information – segmentation, profitability, predictive product modeling and more – in all of the reports and analysis you need!Learn More
From concept to fulfillment, we believe marketing should be specific, relevant, and timely. Our award-winning team understands what drives response and return on investment.Learn More

Marketing Analytics Software & Consulting

Marketing has changed. Effective marketers have found that the best way to maximize their marketing budget is by leveraging their client data. The data analytics/MCIF solutions offered by MARQUIS supply exceptional tools to make it easy for beginners and power users alike to get results! Update your client data monthly or even daily – and get all of the reporting power you could ever want.

MARQUIS offers software and outsourced MCIF solutions to help banks and credit unions meet their specific goals. Analytics should drive growth. We guarantee your success. Maybe that is why MARQUIS is the largest provider of MCIF solutions in the world.


Did You Know Fred Has Loans With Other Institutions?

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Don’t you wish you had a magic ball that would let you know if your clients had loans with other banks?

Marquis can help.
Want to […]

Marketing: Prove Your Value!

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Marketing isn’t easy and in the financial world they are usually the first jobs to go. With Direct Marketing through MARQUIS we can help you […]

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